Sunday, February 17: Sacred Poetry Circle with Renée Hummel

We join together in sacred circle, then deepen into inner experience
through beautiful, original spiritual poetry spoken with vibrant energy and
sacred intention.  Before closing the circle, there will be time to share
about our experience, if so moved.

When: Sunday, February 17, 2 – 3:30 pm

Price: $5 – $10 donation

About Renée’s Poetry:
Through potent language rich in imagery, especially in pieces where the
beauty and spirit of nature appear, this work and its spoken delivery may
include aspects of invocation, meditation, contemplation, invitation and
celebration.  Above all, it is uplifting and encouraging, inviting rich
inner experience.

A few comments from the last circle:
“Fabulous”. “Each word was potent”.  ”Each poem was like a mini journey”.
“I felt a healing energy”.  ”It washed over me and washed away so much
stuff I didn’t need and left me full of this wonderful feeling, satisfying
a part of me that I hadn’t realized was hungry for this”.

Questions?  email

Sunday, February 3: Shakti Goddess Grove

SHAKTI GODDESS GROVE IS BACK! Our descent into the underworld at Winter Solstice was deep and refreshing, and now, like the goddess herself, we are stirring in the primordial waters preparing for emergence. Please join Willow Arlenea and Jillian Frazin for BIRTHING THE GODDESS Shakti Goddess Grove.

When: Sunday February 3, 2 – 4:00 pm

Price: Donation

For the next while the Grove will meet the first Sunday of the month, if possible. At times this may have to change due to space availability.

The image displayed here is of COVENTINA, a Celtic goddess of the waters. She represents the deep feminine fluid life-force energy.

In early February the goddess manifest herself in the form of the waters of life. From the depths of lakes, pools and warm springs She gestates life. These very waters also reside in our bodies, our sacred womb space. Please join us for a sacred journey of imagery, movement and sound where we descend into stillness. In the primordial depths of the feminine we will access our own life force, and awaken the serpent of inspiration, creativity and love. The goddesses Brigit, Aphroditie and Saraswati will be our guides.

Saturday February 23: Shamanic Breathwork Experience

Awakening Your Authentic Self

What voices keep you from being your most authentic, powerful self?
What parts of you have you shut down because you or someone else judged them as “not good enough”?
How transformative would it be to let go completely and move into the space of truly loving yourself?
The Shamanic Breathwork Process (TM) uses the natural power of the breath, powerful music, energetic release work, art, and group processing to help you:

Release the past and become more powerful in the present
Access your deep inner wisdom and reclaim your authentic self
Accelerate your evolution and step into your Sacred Purpose.
In using the breath, we move past the limitations of the Ego mind and the True Self has the opportunity to purge what is no longer needed and shine out BRIGHTER!

Where ever you are on the path of awakening, this process will bring you clarity. Please join us :)

Please bring the following: a sleeping bag or comforter, a pillow, an eye mask (if you have one), a journal, and a snack.

When: Saturday February 23, 2 – 6:00 pm

Price: Since this workshop is being offered at a non-profit, we are asking for a donation between $35-50 per person. The normal price for this workshop is $50, so please pay according to your financial ability. I appreciate your support as it allows me to do this work on the planet!

PREPAYMENT REQUIRED…please follow the link below to pay for your spot:

Space limited to 10 people, so sign up early to save our spot!

Questions? Please call Melanie @ 970-286-4447, or email

Tuesday, January 29: Tantra Yoga, Shamanic Astrology, and Sonic Odyssey with VerDarLuz

PART 1 – Aquarian Embodiment
Through a form of experiential Astrology, we will embody the archetype of Aquarius, through warm ups, asanas, Chi Kung and dance. Following this process, we will share some thoughts on the emerging Aquarian Age, and specifically intimacy under the Aquarian paradigm.

PART 2 -Tantra Yoga
As a sign of objective awareness, experimentation, and self-study, our second part will focus on specific Aquarian tools for awakening and discovering our sexual intelligence, including:
-Tantra puja—a reverential and fun ceremonial circle we will create to honor, adore, and deeply listen to each other.
-Chakra-harmonizing practice
-How to make love with the subtle body
-Navigating conscious polyamory and polysexual experiences
-Defining your sexuality and discovering your erotic response
-Understanding your sexual conditioning and how to break free of it

PART 3 – ShamaniSonic Odyssey Sound Healing
In this deep listening circle, participants lay down with their heads in the center of a circle and listen to live guitar, turkish saz, and electro-orchestral journeys. We then process our experience silently thru drawing, painting, poetry, or dance. At the close, we share our journeys with the group.

When: Tuesday, January 29, 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Price: $15 – $25 donation


VerDarLuz is a Shamanic Astrologer and life coach. His work focuses on awakening to the evolutionary journey of the soul utilizing shamanic techniques including past life regression therapy, rebirthing breathwork, dance, sacred sexuality, astrology, human design, and timemapping to empower, inspire, and fulfill one’s creative life mission.

He is a multimedia artist, musician, and dj, and the author of two books: Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns: The Shamanic Artist and the Rise of the Wounded Healer. I am currently expanding my Shamanic Astrology work as a Tantra coach and Sacred Sexuality provider.

He lives in Evergreen, CO, but travels frequently to facilitate experiential astrology and tantra yoga workshops throughout the globe. He is available for consultations through the email and website above.

Saturday, January 26: Abundant Health Cooking Class

Learn and experiment with creating beautiful, raw and delicious meals that will nourish every cell of our being. This will be an enlightening 90 minute class all about tasty and surprisingly healthy cuisines. Come hungry!

Our menu will consist of a selection of daily meals:
Homemade Almond Milk Smoothie
Fiesta Goodness Salad with Avocado Dressing
Hardy Energy Soup

When: Saturday January 26, 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Price: Donation

Hayley has a passion for health as her own journey progresses. Using food as medicine, she has been able to overcome many maladies with her own body and is grateful to be able to assist others on the same path. She works with clients one on one using holistic medicine from her Natural Physician education along with massage therapy and bodywork. Her studies have led her to work as a raw foods chef at a detoxification, meditation and yoga retreat center in Ithaca, New York as well as the go-to physician of a village in Mexico. She also teaches classes and workshops on how to be independently healthy with topics such as: food preparation, self-naturopathic treatments and natural product making.

We are open to recipes that you’d like to learn and any request changes in the menu :)

Friday, January 25: Chakra Tune-Up for the New Year!!

“As we tap the power of each chakra we unveil the design, pattern and intelligence of our being. When universal consciousness is manifest in each center, we experience a quality of life that is happy, healthy, and harmonious. Our goal is to have all our chakras activated and aligned so that we can live full, coherent and conscious lives.” ~
Your Life is In Your Chakras

During this in-depth workshop, take a journey through each chakra, using Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breathwork, visualization, and other practices, led by Rachel Zelaya. Pati Scamacca will lead us into a healing savasana using Tibetan Bowls and tuning forks after each chakra activation. The opening of each chakra will be integrated deeply into the energy body through the transformative waves of sound. Colby Collins will also be charging up the experience with his powerful chakra energization work. Join these three powerful teacher/healers to tune up and jump start your chakra energy system!

When: Friday, January 25, 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Price: Pre-registration $25 per person or $40 for two (bring a friend). $30 at the door.

Pre-register at, 720-252-3962.

Inner Moon – Female Reproductive Awareness Series

Natural moontime has a purpose to empower humanity on a path of conscious conception and planetary healing. Moontime simply refers to the innate connection menstruation “blood” time has with the moon phases and fertility. Are you curious about knowing a completely natural form a birth control, free of drugs, devices and worry? Do you know exactly when you or your partner is ovulating? When you can safely make love without fear of pregnancy? Or, when is the best time to conceive?

Then experience an open-dialogue between women as sisters in a MOON-time workshop-series. This 3-part series workshop will help connect the mind, body, spirit, into a deep-hearten space to connect into an innate body-wisdom with self- trust. Come experience a new way of understanding the menstrual/moon cycle that is empowering and enlightening!

The purpose of this workshop-series is to provide information that empowers the individual to further explore their own reproduction system and fertility questions and concerns. Many different opportunities of self-inquiry can arise when fertility-awareness is practiced.
The workshop-series intends is to explore what does “moontime” mean? What are the signs of female fertility and not? What innate wisdom is held in the blood-time? What are some of the possible reasons for irregular moontime? What causes infertility and why? How can conscious conception get created? And so much more….

When: Saturdays February 2nd, 9th, & 16th, Noon – 2:00 PM

Price: $55 donation for the series

About the facilitators:

Onamare Heart believes in the power of the divine feminine and that the body holds innate wisdom to heal and to thrive. She has discovered her life path as a wisdom holder into female reproduction and feminine power. She is called to help ignite a path of conscious conception on the planet. Onamare is a holistic registered dietitian (RD), a performance (aerial/acrobatics & fire) artist, yoga teacher, structural body-worker, permaculture designer & eco-activist, and on the path to become a sage. She holds a masters in Humanities and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University. She loves living in Boulder and grateful to share her gifts and talents all across the globe.

Rachel Zelaya has been practicing fertility awareness for nearly two years, and looks forward to sharing her experience with other women!

Saturday, January 26: Opening to Channel Interactive Workshop with Colby Collins

In this exploratory workshop open yourself to the limitless possibilities of expressing Spirit through the channel of your energy system. Learn valuable and consistent techniques of opening to the Source within to channel creative energies of inspiration, intuitive guidance, and higher knowledge. In this way you realize the truth of who you are and your capability to communicate with every part of yourself and the Divine. Learn advanced meditation, breathing, and alignment techniques opening to experience yourself beyond ordinary limits. Develop the intuitive faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience while establishing a daily devotional practice to connect with and live as a conscious expression of Spirit. We’ll practice automatic writing and the beginnings of giving readings to others.

When: Saturday, January 26, 2:00 to 5:00 PM.

Price: $33

Sunday, January 13: Wild Woman Project – Women’s New Moon Gathering with Melissa Tamura

Women need other women for support and encouragement to get
through life’s difficulties and triumphs. Every month join us on the Sunday
closest to the new moon for a gathering of sisterhood. Share your self,
your passion and your hardships. Be guided through meditations,
visualizations and physical activities based on the energies of the new
moon that work to build intentions for the month and connections that will
guide you into the future.

When: Sunday, January 13th, 2:00 -4:00 pm

Price: By Donation