This past year, starting in November 2015, has brought many changes to the Adi Shakti Center. And another is coming our way. 
 November 24, Thanksgiving Day, will be the last public class offered under the name of the Adi Shakti Center – for now. We are leaving Peaceful Meadow, which was always meant to be a temporary stop, and launching into the ethers, space, the spiritual element, for the time being.
Adi Shakti was launched, at 2014 Pearl Street, in April 2012. She moved in March 2013 to 6717 Valmont, and again on November 20, 2015 to Peaceful Meadow Retreat. And now we are letting her enter the etheric realm…we will no longer be a brick and mortar yoga studio. My work as a yoga studio owner is done – at least for now! 
And I am grateful. 
Grateful for all the community support over these past 4 and a half years. For all the amazing relationships and friendships and acquaintances and connections I’ve made thanks to Adi Shakti. For the steep learning curve, for the courage the Universe gave me to follow my dream and vision, for all the students who became attracted to Kundalini Yoga along the way, for those who became Kundalini Yoga teachers, for all the teachers and musicians and healers who graced our Center. For the opportunity to serve our community, offering a 
beautiful space for growth and healing. 
Thank You, Yogi Bhajan, for this incredible technology and for inspiring me to take a 360 degree turn in my life back in 2012, with so many amazing rewards and learning experiences along with way. 
Thank You for helping me to deliver my destiny.
We will be offering classes over these next 8 weeks, until Thanksgiving Day. In November, we’ll offer an opportunity to gather and hold a Ceremony of Gratitude on Sunday, November 20, for anyone who would like to come and acknowledge this dream and all the people it touched. 
 We plan on holding a meditation circle and potluck, from 4 – 6 pm on November 20. Free, and all are welcome.
And, there are lots of new things in the works for the Adi Shakti teachers.
Rachel’s Update:
I will continue to teach at Raj Yoga twice per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon). Raj Yoga (www.rajyogaboulder.com) is doing a beautiful job of keeping the spark of Kundalini Yoga alive and well and growing in Boulder. Sukhraj and I are working on the possibility of bringing a Women’s Training to Raj Yoga…in this way, the spark of Adi Shakti, the Divine Feminine, will grow and blossom at Raj Yoga. My Thursday noon classes at Raj continue to be devoted to sharing the Women’s Teachings, and are for women only. We are also offering a free Women’s Circle/Peanut Hour after the noon class on the second Thursday of the month – first one will be October 13th. I will continue to offer private Kundalini Yoga coaching sessions in Boulder and in Longmont – my current life passion. I have been offering a 5 week class series at my home in Longmont – if you are looking for an evening class and live near Longmont, that might be a good option for you. I’ll be offering occasional Kundalini Yoga workshops and retreats in Boulder and beyond – stay connected to the Adi Shakti website, as this is where I’ll be sharing these events.
I am also helping to birth a new non-profit organization in Boulder which will incorporate yoga and many other modalities for people suffering from mental illness and trauma. And, I support CALMING KIDS (calmingkids.org), another Boulder non-profit, in bringing yoga into the schools and teaching adults how to teach yoga to kids. Finally, there is a new group, open to anyone interested in Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma, called Sikh Dharma of Colorado (SDCO, website coming soon). We meet regularly (next meeting is October 22 at Raj Yoga, 2-4 pm). Under the umbrella of SDCO, I’ll be offering a free kirtan event with live music, along with my Sikh friend recently re-located from LA, Simran Kaur, on November 12 (also at Raj Yoga, 7 – 9 pm.) We are planning to offer 11 of these events, and our November evening will focus on the life and teachings of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru. Each evening will focus on a different Sikh Guru, and we are hoping to involve the Sikh community from Denver as much as we can.  All of these opportunities to share my gifts, grow my experience, and use my intuition to co-create, allow me to let go and open the door for new adventures! 
Wahe Guru!
Julie’s Update:
“It was my great pleasure to be with all of you!  I hold you all close in my heart.  I currently will not be teaching any classes after Adi Shakti closes.  Know that I will be available for whatever you need.  Please feel free to contact me via email.  I will also be available for private classes. Please keep up your practice!
Please email me if you wish to be added to an email list for rare updates on events or classes that may manifest in the future.  
Love you all,
Julie Green
For now, we hope to see you at Peaceful Meadow for classes (Monday at noonTuesday at 5:30 pmThursday at 9 am), at our Gratitude gathering on November 20, or for the final class on Thanksgiving Morning, 9 am.
Many blessings,
Rachel, Julie, Patrice and Wendy
Adi Shakti Takes to the Ethers in November 2016