“I am Simranjot from Germany and i SO LOVE your online youtube Chakra classes,
that I am teaching them exactly the way you initiated them. You are SUCH an inspiration!!”

“Dear Rachel,
 I have recently discovered you on You Tube and your classes are so beautiful and inspirational.  I am in the process of taking the Teacher Training Course and it is changing my life – your classes have added so much to my daily practice at home.
I want to thank you for your teaching and  daily presence in my life.
Sat Nam and Many Blessings Sent to you from my heart.

Purandev Kaur, Ottawa, Canada”

Testimony from a regular student at Adi Shakti after a Dealing with Difficult Emotions class (based on the book Senses of the Soul), focused on Guilt: “Yesterday’s class resulted in a breakthrough for me. When I first started meditation many years ago I used to see a pin hole of light at my third eye. That turned into a floodlight as my personal practice grew. I wandered away from sadhana years ago – the light went out and erased itself from my memory. I haven’t seen nor thought of it for years. We were working with guilt at class yesterday. That old pinhole reappeared! I think that guilt clouded the light all these years and I released enough to be able to see it again. Wow! Thank you Rachel. Sat Nam.” The power of guilt and other difficult emotions to block our light when we don’t find ways to deal with them skillfully! – Student and Member

“The first Kundalini Yoga class I have ever taken in my life was at the
Adi Shakti Kundalini Yoga Center three weeks ago. After one class I
had the feeling that this yoga practice could change my life, and I was
right. I started to come almost every day. I have learned how to
breathe correctly, and how powerful deep breathing is. During some of
the classes, I was able to crack my back very easily and my whole
spine would adjust itself to its natural position. I was very amazed.
I have always had problems with my back and I have spent thousands of
dollars on chiropractors.”

“After three weeks of Kundalini Yoga, I have
no back pain and I feel great. This kundalini yoga practice is also
helping me with my addiction to alcohol and food. My desire to overeat
or put harmful substances in my body has been lifted. I started to eat
healthily and I lost 6 pounds in three weeks. Also, I feel more peace,
love and joy in my life.”

“I have taken many different kundalini yoga classes and I have to say they are all
wonderful and challenging. I especially enjoy the Breathwork/Pranayam class on
Tuesdays at noon.  This Yoga Center not only offers high quality classes, but it is a
community center, where I feel truly welcome”

-Member at Adi Shakti

“Dear Rachel,
I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and the Adi Shakti studio back in March 2015. I was wanting to deepen my spirituality, get beyond blockages that I was having and wanted to find a teacher. My friend recommended I go check out Rachael at the Adi Shakti. He said she was awesome with working with woman. So the next week, I went to a class. During my first class, it hit me like a ton of spiritual bricks! This was exactly what my soul was searching for! Rachael was so loving and supportive, she held a sacred space for me that allowed me to release and let go. Every time I stepped foot in the Adi Shakti, I knew that it was going to be met with love, trust and support. I have grown so much since I started, and in such a small amount of time. I loved it so much that I have started my own path into Kundalini Yoga teaching! It has been such a divine experience, that I wanted to share this with everyone I met. I totally get what it means to be you, to be the light and to know you are and have always been one with the Divine. I love that now I have access to the direct link to connect with my higher self through God. I have grown into trusting my own intuition and living by the guided path of my soul, not my ego! If you want to experience a magical transformation then Kundalini Yoga, the Adi Shakti and Rachael is the support you need!”

Siri Param Kaur
Wendy Rollins
Life Hydration


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