Sat Nam. I wanted to share this story of the creation of the next women’s retreat, to take place on Kauai, Hawaii, in February 2016, because to me it illustrates several key principles of manifestation: trust, co-creation with the Universe, collaboration, the willingness to let go, and a desire to be of service.

Three years ago, I was doing some exploration on what my deepest desires were as far as my work in the world. The essence of it was that I most desire to facilitate people to reach their depths…to go deep into their Soul’s purpose and truth…to touch their own core essence and identity…to go beyond the superficial day-to-day distractions of “doing” life and connect in with who they are and why they are here. I’m a depth junkie. That’s why I teach Kundalini Yoga…it’s the quickest and best way I know to alter one’s consciousness, access the frontal lobe, and connect with Source, Intuition, Compassion and Wisdom. This can be done in the context of a public class, and it happens almost every day at Adi Shakti. But one of the most powerful ways that I’ve discovered to accomplish this profound desire of mine, is to open up the opportunity for people to go deep by taking them out of their routines, responsibilities, habits and comfort zones, into a Retreat. At the time, I had no idea how I would accomplish that, but it was enough to be clear that that was what I wanted to do with my life.

The people who helped me lead my first retreat were sent by the Universe in June 2013, and my first retreat manifested in January 2014, on a beautiful marine preserve on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. What an incredible experience. The retreat center was built by the brother of the man who created the StarHouse in Boulder (which I didn’t discover until I met him there in Costa Rica..an incredible “coincidence”)…we woke to howler monkeys every morning, we had an amazing private beach a 15 minute walk through old growth forest, cool water pools were nestled near 1000 year old trees, the yoga space was surrounded by a fresh water moat and overlooked the marine sanctuary where we saw whales. I had gotten clear early on that I wanted to make my focus sharing the women’s teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and that I wanted to create a safe container of women in order to do so; and so ten women were sent by the universe to join me. I had a wonderful assistant to support me and the other women. What an auspicious beginning to this new venture.

For my second and third retreats, I decided to offer them both in Boulder, to allow women who might be limited on time or money to attend. Both weekends, in September 2014 and June 2015, were amazing in that even though we were 10 minutes outside of downtown Boulder, and only there Friday through Sunday, it felt like we had accessed time and space outside of time and space, like we were a million miles away from our homes and lives and routines. We went deep, with art, music, time outside on the magical land of Peaceful Meadows, ceremony, a bonfire, lots of yoga and meditation, writing, time getting to know our sisters, and creating community. What a blessing.

In between those two retreats, I had begun to give form to the next retreat in a tropical paradise. While traveling in India in December 2014, I began to download the outline. I knew I didn’t want to go back to Costa Rica, partly because I had already been and wanted to keep things fresh. Partly because I felt that our next retreat would have a different format than the usual retreat. I wanted to create a circle of sisters who came together to co-create the retreat…so I invited all the teachers who taught at Adi Shakti to co-lead it with me. I wanted to create a circle of sisters who would be the participants…so I envisioned us renting a big house and making meals together. Instead of an expensive “resort” retreat, I wanted to create more of a community where we would have an opportunity to play, cook, do yoga, go deep, explore, and be real together. And finally, it became clear to me that the next retreat would be in Hawaii.

I have never been to Hawaii. I just knew that that’s where we were supposed to create this retreat. So when I returned from India, I called the Adi Shakti teachers together and proposed this idea. Everyone was thrilled. And the search began for the perfect house to call home for the retreat. Which we could not find.

We searched for houses on the Big Island from January 2015 through May, with no good options presenting themselves. The trail had gone cold. We let the whole idea go.

Then, during the June retreat at Peaceful Meadows, while Kimba Arem was giving us a Sacred Sound Journey, it became clear that in fact, the retreat needed to be on Kauai! I saw it all happening so clearly. I felt the power and draw of the ocean and land. The spirit of Kauai, which I had never met before, was communicating with me. I saw that Kimba would be there, taking us on explorations of magical areas on the island which very few people knew about. I was re-inspired and so excited to keep moving forward with our plan! When I shared my vision with Kimba, she was on board (she lived in Kauai for 10 years and feels a deep connection with the island), and she even keeps some of her instruments there, so we would be all set to include Sacred Sound Journeys in the retreat! Wahe Guru!

So, back to looking for that perfect space for us to land for the retreat. VRBO, Google searches, friends of friends looking for us…no luck. Nothing seemed right. Too expensive, too small, not available for the times we were looking for…So, I let it go, again. I’ve learned that if the Universe wants something to happen, it will help by opening doors and creating opportunities. Pushing, pulling, forcing…these things don’t work. Yogi Bhajan said, “Patience pays, let the hand of God work for you.” So I let it go.

But I kept the information up on the Adi Shakti website about a retreat in Hawaii, and one day a few weeks ago, a student asked me about it before a class. “Well,” I said, “we can’t find the right house for us to rent. I’m still open to it happening, but the right space needs to come to us.” That day after class, a woman who looked very familiar to me was chatting with another student. Turns out, she and I had lived in a Buddhist community house in Boulder 15 years ago, and that she had just started taking classes at Adi Shakti. Mariah shared with me that she had heard me talking about a retreat in Hawaii. She then said that since she had started taking Kundalin classes at Adi Shakti, she kept seeing herself practicing Kundalini in Hawaii. And, that she knew the perfect place, on Kauai, where we could hold our retreat!! She had been there twice to learn Lomi Lomi massage (traditional Hawaii massage). She called that day, there had been a cancelation in February, and the space was ours if we wanted it! Yes, we wanted it! Two weeks later, the details were arranged, the teachers and facilitators (including Patrice, Jai Gobind, and hopefully Julie Green, Kimba, and Mariah who will offer Lomi Lomi massage) were on board, all the information was on the website, and 5 people had signed up. Wow!

We still have 5 spots left. If you’d like to join us, please register with a deposit by November 9. We are trying to keep the cost as low as possible, and payment plans are available. For all the details, go to http://www.adishakticenter.com/retreats/.

I feel so blessed that the Universe has conspired to co-create this retreat with me and my Adi Shakti teachers and community of women. Collaboration, trust, being willing to let things go, and a desire to fulfill my life’s purpose and be of service to others have manifested this opportunity for all of us to go deep, connect with the Divine Feminine, and create community. Kimba told us that she learned that the word Kauai means, “Come and Be.” Just by being there, we will sink into the Adi Shakti, the creative primordial ancient life force of the Feminine. Join us.

Sat Nam.

The story of the creation of a women’s retreat in Hawaii